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Aboriginal Culture

Ancient Country - Ancient Culture  
In Western Australia, the Aboriginal culture is as rich and diverse as the country itself, with vastly different lifestyles adapted to each corner of the state and more than 60 language groups. Alongside a variety of demonstrations in hunting, food gathering, bush survival and bush medicine, your guide will take you on a unique journey along 'hidden tracks', unveiling a fascinatingly different perception of the country's rich natural treasures and the influential role they play in paving the local lifestyle. And there's a range of accommodation, resorts, eco retreats, wilderness camps and community stays at some of nature's most breathtaking beauty spots.

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Magical Story Tellers   
A long time ago, Aboriginal elders used storytelling to pass on the cultural knowledge and understanding that was needed in order to survive and protect the country. Today, these same stories continue to be passed on to each new generation. They help to preserve the culture, provide windows to the world and foster an appreciation and respect for the differences in lifestyles and traditions. For the Aboriginal people, this spiritual connection to the land and natural environment is a key part of their identity.
"Many times I have been mesmerised by the magic produced by the story telling itself, irrespective of the content. There are traces of spirituality and mysticism, a deep respect and love of the land and its people. It is such an immense pleasure to listen to the old people when, with their words and body language, they conjure up aspects of the world of their past, a world so very different from our own. It felt like being taken by the hand and led across a cultural divide, which would be impossible to cross unassisted". - quote: Traudl Tan - from the book, The Man from the Sunrise Side (available from Magabala Books in Broome)

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