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Western Australia

Discover Western Australia’s pristine seascapes and unspoilt beaches - walk along the tree tops in the 'valley of giants', or head inland through stunning, ancient gorges which house dream time stories from one of the world's oldest living cultures.

Western Australia is a pristine adventure playground, showcasing some of nature's most extraordinary creations. With vast blue skies by day and magical stars by night creating the canopy to showcase some of nature's most extraordinary creations.


With a population of only two million it is hard to believe WA is larger than the entirety of Europe and covers 2.5 million square km - a staggering one third of Australia. This gigantic, untamed landscape is nature at its finest - a must see!

Western Australia is divided into five prime tourist regions: Australia’s North West, Australia’s Coral Coast, Australia’s Golden Outback, Australia’s South West, and Experience Perth. Each region boasts its own unique climate, attractions, and lifestyle - presenting a rich diversity that offers something for everyone!

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