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Australia's Golden Outback


From the translucent turquoise of the Southern Ocean, to the red sandy setting of the Australian ‘outback’ Australia’s Golden Outback is rich with beautiful contrasts.

The landscape surrounds are musical in their appearance providing a majestic outback beauty waiting to be discovered. Stroll along the illuminated white sand of the Esperance Coast or return to yesteryear and experience the famed Goldrush in the Kalgoorlie Goldfields.

Experience the magnificent feeling of sleeping under the stars. Enjoy the ultimate Australian outback adventure and completely escape from metropolitan living. The Golden Outback offers fields of wildflowers, which are complimented with the friendly country hospitality of the Wheatbelt.

Truly unique are the opportune encounters with Australia’s people of the land. The Aboriginal people can be found engaging in traditional customs and lifestyle. Truly authentic is the experience and understanding of the beautiful Aboriginal dreamtime stories.

Be enchanted by the immense culture and fascinating beauty that is Australia's Golden Outback.